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Why Corporate Companies Need Public Health Consultants

Updated: Jan 14, 2021


A good reputation in all areas of business is essential for corporate companies to succeed. Having quality services, a great work environment and even a healthy, competitive workforce are some traits that make top-tier businesses stand out from the rest. As noted in the previous blog post, a major contributor of great business retention is based on health promotion, effective workplace health programs and whether employees feel like their needs are taken care of at their place of employment.  

These concerns are especially important now, since companies are dealing with the various health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to maintain the proper protocols and healthcare knowledge to care for employees, public health consultants are needed to provide assistance. Public health consultants help organizations stay ahead of the curve by evaluating their current healthcare approach to make sure they’re meeting federal regulations (CDC guidelines) and providing proper care.

Health consultants also manage companies’ current operations and problem areas to improve their long-term reputation. Their goal is to create workplace health programs that will decrease healthcare costs, increase employee retention and improve the culture. Consultants are usually hired because they offer the benefit of providing outside perspectives to find the best practices specifically tailored for the organization and its employees. They also reevaluate whether staff productivity issues and operational decisions are effective as the workplace climate continues to change overtime. 

Some ways public health consultants carry out their roles to provide optimal feedback are by: 

  • Interviewing staff and reviewing feedback

  • Conducting on-site observation and job analysis

  • Creating quality and efficiency goals/strategies for departments or the entire company

  • Proposing changes to methodologies, procedures, scheduling, or office management designed to make the employees’ experience better

Workplace health programs have proven to reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for over 159 million American workers, according to the CDC.

For employees, in particular, effective workplace health programs can positively impact their health behaviors and health status. They can also produce positive productivity, recruitment/retention and culture for organizations as well.

Optimization is key and The BIA Collaborative is the perfect consulting firm to provide the custom, collaborative experience your organization needs. The BIA Collaborative specializes in interpersonal influence to help your business thrive in all areas.

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This blog post was written by Brianna Rhodes, the founder of the writing and editing platform, Brianna Rhodes Writes. To learn more about her services, please visit here. 

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