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Corporate wellness has never been easier. 

Your employees spend the majority of their time at work. Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that their health is being valued. BIA has created a 4-step methodology to help you assess the needs of your organization, and create and implement initiatives that will not only benefit your employees, but the health of the company overall.

These initiatives that will encourage your employees to be on top of their health and to support health initiatives in the community. Ultimately, this will result in long-term gain for the organization via less health risks among employees and will assist the organization in being socially responsible. 

Key Features

Creation of Evidence-Based Initiatives

Project Management

Impact Analysis

What to Expect
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A commitment of at least

All programs will be a 12 month minimum and include the following:

  • Research and Development

  • Needs Assessment *We will start with the CDC Scorecard

  • Custom Design Interventions

  • Implementation plan

  • Data Analytics

  • Project Management

  • Staff Education Workshops

  • Daily Office Hours

  • Quarterly Program Assessments

  • Partnership Assessments

4-Step Approach
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